Photo Credit: Bloomberg

Belgian Authorities Charges Tunisian Man With Murder

Belgian authorities have charged a man from Tunisia with murder In connection with the terrorist attack in Belgium on October 16 that claimed the lives of two Swedish football fans and injured another,

The game between Belgium and Sweden on the 16th was cancelled at halftime due to the assault that was carried out that night. The game was 1-1 on the scoreline, and after the first half, the players from the two teams decided to cancel the game as a show of respect to the two Swedish football fans that got killed on the night.

In a press release, the prosecution stated that they are attempting to establish a connection between the 44-year-old man and the gun used in the shooting. He was also charged on Thursday with taking part in the actions of a terrorist organization.

The day following the event, police shot and killed the attacker, who was also Tunisian. At first, Belgian authorities stated that they thought the shooter was acting alone and that his motivation was retaliation for incidents such as the recent burning of Korans in Stockholm, but they are now looking into potential accomplices.

The incident caused unrest in the capital of Belgium and increased security measures. Additionally, it led to the resignation of Vincent Van Quickenborne, the Belgian Minister of Justice, who claimed it was unacceptable for a judge to have made a mistake that let the man remain in the nation.