Former Education Minister Calls for Strict Measures Against Fake Certificates

Former Minister of Education, Prof. Tunde Adeniran, has expressed his concerns about the prevalence of fake degree certificates from universities in Benin Republic and its impact on the Nigerian education system.

In a recent interview with the Punch, Prof. Adeniran stated, “It shows how far our society has flaws; it is a reflection of the values in that society.” He lamented that people are no longer interested in the knowledge acquired from institutions but rather in obtaining paper certificates. He added, “This is why we have individuals, so-called graduates, who can hardly construct sentences and who cannot write a one-paragraph memo.”

The former minister pointed out that some individuals with fake certificates have managed to infiltrate the system. He emphasized the need for more diligent, careful, and thorough recruitment processes. “We must restructure the entire process to ensure that whatever anybody brings, that person merits whatever is contained in that paper,” he said.

When asked about how neighbouring countries can collaborate to address the challenge of fraudulent academic credentials, Prof. Adeniran suggested that strict standards and specific goals regarding human capital development could foster respect and cooperation. He also highlighted the role of international organizations like UNESCO and the United Nations in facilitating collaboration.

However, he stressed that the responsibility lies with Nigerians. “We must create a system and arrangement that render any certificates entering the system meaningless,” he said. He believes that such an approach will discourage people from obtaining fake certificates.