FG to Gift Elderly Pensioners N25,000 from November

Under its Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Scheme, the Federal Government of Nigeria has announced a special gift of N25,000 per recipient for the nation’s most needy retirees. Dr. Betta Edu, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, made this announcement.

When Dr. Edu met with the NLC’s president, Joe Ajaero, and other top officials in Abuja, she made this announcement. She claimed that Bola Tinubu has made it clear that elderly pensioners who are at risk of losing their benefits should be quickly included in the National Social Register and eligible for the CCT.

Dr. Edu reminded the union’s leadership that the renewed hope agenda reflected the goal to increase the size of the national social register in order to include vulnerable retirees in the CCT programme.

She urged the NLC to assist in accelerating the procedure for gathering data on prospective vulnerable senior beneficiaries so they can begin receiving CCT.

Furthermore, In order to ensure that the anticipated recipients can begin getting their stipends as of November, Dr. Edu remarked, “I want us to fast-track this, so that we are sure the expected beneficiaries can start receiving their stipends from next month which is November.”

The minister praised Ajaero for working well with others and exhorted NLC leadership to keep believing in the Tinubu administration. Ajaero responded by expressing his satisfaction with the various poverty reduction and employment creation initiatives launched by the Humanitarian Ministry.

Starting in November, the federal government intends to start giving N25,000 subsidies to poor pensioners countrywide. These awards would be given to Nigerian Union of Pensioners members who are listed on the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) scheme’s expanded national social record.