Fulani Terrorists: Our Stand in Recent Attacks

In the wake of escalating Terrorists attacks that have often been termed as acts of banditry or attributed to farmer-herder clashes and unidentified assailants, it is time to shed light on the reality that confronts Nigeria. The incidents, which have been prevalent in various regions, particularly those linked to the Fulani ethnic group, demand a more accurate and decisive characterization.

The term “terrorist” encompasses individuals or groups who employ violence to instill fear and advance political or ideological objectives. Recent events, like the Christmas eve massacres in Bokkos and Barkin-Ladi LGAs in Plateau State by ruthless assaults and bloodshed, align disturbingly with this definition. It is crucial to address these acts with the gravity they deserve, acknowledging the true nature of the perpetrators.


Henceforth, Parallel Facts will refer to these attackers, previously labeled as Fulani herdsmen, bandits or assailants, as “Fulani terrorists” Or “Terrorists”. This decision stems from an earnest commitment to truth and accuracy in our reporting. By adopting this terminology, we aim to draw attention to the gravity of the situation.

The term “Fulani terrorists” is not an indictment of an entire ethnic group but a recognition of a subset engaged in violent activities that meet the criteria of terrorism. Precision in language is vital, especially when dealing with matters of national security and public safety. Our intent is to contribute to a clearer understanding of the challenges we face and foster a more informed dialogue on effective solutions.