Bandits, Terrorists Continue Deadly Attack in Zamfara, Plateau; Northern Governors’ not Concerned on Security Crisis in the Region- Shehu Sani


Former Kaduna Central Senator and Human Rights Activist, Shehu Sani, has said that bandits and terrorists have continued to unleash terror on farming communities in Zamfara and Plateau State, while the leaders in the region are not serious about addressing the security concerns.

He also noted that the recent Northern Governors meeting held in April saw a significant absence, with 12 governors failing to attend, questioning the commitment of regional leaders to address the escalating security concerns.

Sani took to Twitter to express his dismay, stating, ” Last week Bandits killed 30 farmers in Zamfara and this week, terrorists slaughtered 50 farmers in Plateau State.”

“In the last Northern Governors meeting held in April, 12 governors were absent. The leaders in the region are not serious about addressing the security concerns of the region,” he added.

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Parallel Facts reported on Tuesday that Zurak village in Wase Local Government Area (LGA) of Plateau State witnessed a devastating terrorist attack that has left at least 40 people dead and many more injured.

In Zamfara State, there have been terrible attacks by terrorists. Hundreds have been displaced, and shave beeny, people have been killed. These criminals also caused chaos by kidnapping people and forcing 50 villages to evacuate.

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