Governor Biodun Oyebanji Awards Cash Prizes to State Athletes

At an event held in the Governor’s Office on Thursday, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, the governor of Ekiti State, announced that cash prizes will be awarded to athletes from his state who competed in the just-finished National Youth Games in Asaba, Delta. The cash reward comes as a token of appreciation for the young athletes’ impressive performances.

The athletes’ impressive achievement at the National Youth Games was the result of their commitment and hard work, which the governor praised. He thinks that providing incentives like this will not only improve players’ morale but also inspire more up-and-coming young athletes to sign up for competitions like these.

This announcement, however, was not without criticism. The governor used this chance to express regret for the embarrassing and improper conduct of the Sports Council personnel during the contest. He gave his word that the required steps would be taken to stop similar occurrences from happening again.

Gov. Oyebanji’s gesture is not an unusual occurrence. He had already authorised the sum of N20 million for the state’s sports council to use for the occasion. This demonstrates his dedication to fostering young talent and developing sports in Ekiti State.
The governor’s plan has received a lot of positive feedback and is viewed as a step towards creating a sports-friendly climate in Ekiti State. Such actions are intended to encourage more young athletes to pursue their dreams and bring honour to the state.