Gunmen Claim 10 Lives in Plateau Attacks

Gunmen have unleashed terror in Plateau State, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake. The attacks, which targeted the communities of Mandung-Mushu and Kopnanle in Bokkos and Mangu LGAs, resulted in the loss of at least ten lives and numerous injuries.

Gunmen Claim 10 Lives in Plateau Attacks
Governor of Plateau State, Caleb Muftwang

According to Farmasum Fuddang, Chairman of Bokkos Cultural Development Council, the assailants, identified as Fulani terrorists, struck under the cover of darkness, catching innocent residents off guard as they slept. Fuddang lamented the failure of security forces to intervene effectively despite their presence in the area.

In a statement, Fuddang said, “Last night, April 12, our community in the Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau state faced a horrific attack resulting in the senseless slaughter of at least ten of our members.”

He further condemned the attack as part of a broader agenda to instill fear and displace communities, calling for transparency and accountability from the authorities.

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Meanwhile, Governor Caleb Mutfwang has condemned the attacks, labelling them as setbacks to peace efforts in the state. He vowed that his administration would not tolerate such acts of wickedness and urged security agents to apprehend the perpetrators swiftly.

Governor Mutfwang expressed sympathy to the bereaved families and urged community stakeholders to activate dispute resolution mechanisms to prevent further bloodshed.

The Governor emphasized the importance of vigilance and fostering inter-community relations, especially with the rainy season approaching, to ensure a safer environment for all residents.