Hardship: Tinubu is Stressing Everybody, I Miss Buhari — Comedian, MC Pashun

Popular comedian, MC Pashun has voiced his concerns about the current economic challenges in Nigeria, stating that the hardship is making him miss former President Muhammadu Buhari.

Despite acknowledging the economic struggles during Buhari’s tenure, MC Pashun claimed that the situation has worsened under Bola Tinubu-led administration.

Speaking at a recent event, the ‘My Flatmates’ star expressed frustration with the continuous deterioration of the country’s economic conditions with each change of government.

Mc Pashun remarked, “I’m tired of this country [Nigeria]. Things keep getting worse with each change of government.

“It’s as if politicians hold meetings on how to make the masses suffer. Every new government will make you miss the last one.

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“If I was told that I would miss Buhari, I wouldn’t believe it. I miss Buhari. He was a father to us. He made a couple of reckless decisions but his successor, Tinubu is doing the finishing work.

“Nigerians are lamenting. There’s no peace in the country. Tinubu is stressing everybody. The whole country is stressed,” he lamented.