Houthis Seize Israeli Ship in Red Sea


The Yemeni group known as the Houthis, on Sunday, claimed to have captured an Israeli-owned cargo ship in the Red Sea.

The group claimed, without providing much detail, to have brought the ship ashore on Yemeni shores.

Al-Mayadeen news claimed that 52 people were detained on board the Israeli ship.

The Israeli army said that “this is a very serious incident at the global level.” They also claimed that the ship “is not Israeli,” even though the ship is Israeli-owned.

The Houthis have vowed to attack Israel due to the latter’s attack on Gaza.

In the past few weeks, the group has sent drones and ballistic missiles to Israel, which have all been successfully repelled by the Israeli Air Force and the United States Navy.

The United States Navy has a presence in the Red Sea to protect Israel from the sea. This leads to another level of escalation due to the war in Gaza.

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Reports have been circulating about a five-day ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, along with the release of 50 hostages. It remains uncertain whether these developing events will ultimately result in the suspension of the agreement. #Houthis