Economic Hardship: Jos Inmates Protest Food Ration At Jos Correctional Centre

Inmates at the Jos Correctional Centre in Plateau State protested on Friday over the plan to reduce their food ration.

Sources within the correctional centre revealed that the contractor responsible for food provision had lodged a complaint with the authorities regarding the soaring prices of food items, notably rice, which forms a staple part of the inmates’ diet. Consequently, the frequency of rice servings, previously four times a week, will have to be reduced to twice weekly and supplemented with alternatives such as grains or garri.

This decision seemed not to go down well with the inmates, who voiced their grievances on Friday during a routine briefing by the official in charge.

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Confirming the incidents to reporters at the Nigerian Correctional Service in Jos, Raphael Ibinuhi, the Controller of Corrections for the Plateau State Command, revealed that tear gas canisters were deployed and warning shots fired into the air to scatter the unruly inmates who resisted returning to their cells.

He said, “By the time the inmates were called this morning for briefing, they were not happy that the period for consumption of rice has been reduced from four times to two in a week and expressed dissatisfaction with the development,” Ibinuhi said.

“I instructed the officer in charge to return them to their cells, but instead they became violent and started throwing stones at the personnel. In response and to keep the situation from getting out of hand, we have to resort to firing tear gas canisters and gunshots, which enable the officers in charge to return the inmates to the cells,” he added.