Kenyans Continue Protest; Reject Ruto’s Plea for Dialogue, Demand His Exit from Office

Kenyans on Tuesday morning has hit the streets of Kenya as they rejected appeals from President William Ruto for dialogue, even after he abandoned proposed tax hikes while stating that he must vacate office.

Recall that the initially peaceful protests turned violent June 25 after lawmakers, under pressure from the International Monetary Fund, approved the controversial tax hikes.

Police fired on protesters who stormed the parliament complex, resulting in a fire.

Photo Credit: Mombasa

Infuriated by at least 39 deaths last week, the government-funded Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNHCR) and many others are now demanding that Ruto must step down.

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Omega XD, a content creator and write took his X handle on Tuesday and wrote, “Kenyans are back on the streets this morning!!! #RutoMustGo.

“They are determined to succeed!!!. It is the duty of the citizens to hold the government accountable!!!.”


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