You’re Not the Only Voice of Nigerians, Calling for Strikes Within 9 Months of my Administration ‘Unacceptable’ – Tinubu Blasts NLC

Chief Bola Tinubu has told organized labor, to either wait until the 2027 election or seek reconciliation now.

He said this during the inauguration of the Red Line rail in Lagos on Thursday,

He noted view that calling for strikes within nine months of his administration is unjust, emphasizing his dedication to providing effective governance to Nigerians.

Tinubu added that despite the assertion of freedom and rights, initiating strikes within this timeframe remains “unacceptable.”

“If you want to participate in the electoral process, wait until 2027. If not, then make peace. You are not the only voice of Nigerians,” Mr Tinubu told the NLC.

Mr. Tinubu provided assurance to Nigerians that through perseverance and hard work, the country would navigate through its challenges.

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The president’s remarks followed a nationwide protest organized by the NLC concerning the escalating cost of living. Originally planned for two days, the protest was halted after the first day.

The NLC has additionally issued a warning of potential future strikes should the government neglect to resolve its concerns.