Impoverishment of Nigerians is by Design, Not by Mistake—Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour Slams Tinubu’s Govt

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the 2023 Lagos State gubernatorial candidate for the Labour Party, has criticized the administration of Chief Bola Tinubu, accusing it of deliberately impoverishing the Nigerian people.

He emphasized his belief that the widespread impoverishment among Nigerians is not accidental but rather a result of deliberate actions.

In an interview with Silverbird TV, Rhodes-Vivour pointed to what he described as a lack of empathy, insensitivity to people’s hardships, and misplaced priorities during these challenging times for the nation.

In his words, This government Came in on the wings of propaganda and believe they can govern based on propaganda. That thinking is very superficial, is very surface. They don’t think deeply and the lack of depth also ties directly to the plans that they have for the people.

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“So it almost seems like they’re making policies for foreigners, you know, to get a positive response from the hot funds and the financial markets and all that without thinking too deeply about the impact that it’s going to have on the people. 

“Before Tinubu announced the removal of subsidy, there should have been a period by which he said, okay, this is going to affect food prices, so these are the things we are going to put in place,” Rhodes-Vivour said.

Rhodes-Vivour further stated “I mean, look at the president of Senegal. As young as he is, he has dedicated the first six months of his tenure to bring down the cost of food and he’s done it successfully. And you see the difference in his priorities are people first. The people must come first, and that seems to be lacking seriously in Nigeria. And there’s a whole lot of poverty now. I’ve never seen it like this before. 

“I’ve never seen this many people who have this much problems. So it’s very bad.

“I feel that this current political elite we have are extremely insensitive, they lack empathy, and there might be a direct attempt to impoverish the Nigerian people.

“Because it does not make sense that you know this suffering, we are spending 21 billion on the house for Shettima. Meanwhile, the Americans that you are copying, their vice presidents have been living in one house, the same size house for over 100 years and they are the ones that pay for whatever innovations they want to do.

“But you are poor, you are going to beg them for money, you are borrowing money constantly from them, and you are living better than them. 

“So it’s almost like the wolf is guarding the chickens and it’s almost as though the poorer we are, then we cannot think, we cannot get up to ask the right questions, we cannot revolt,  and they can control us with the little crumbs that they share every four years. He said.

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