Tinubu’s Peace Pact: ‘I Obeyed All Rules As Governor’, Wike Throws Jab at Fubara

Nyesome Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has criticized Rivers State Governor Sim Fubara for allegedly not adhering to the rules of politics.

Addressing the congregation during a Thanksgiving ceremony for George Kelly, Alabo, the former commissioner for works at the Kings’ Assembly in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, Wike disclosed that Fubara’s refusal to follow political rules has resulted in the ongoing political crisis in the state.

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It’s worth noting that Wike and Fubara have been in a longstanding dispute.

In reference to Fubara, Wike stated, “To be a politician, there are also rules that you must obey. I was governor, and I obeyed; it didn’t stop me from performing my functions. I do governance, and at the same time, I go back and obey those rules. That’s why you can see me with leaders.”

Wike also claimed that the intervention of Tinubu in the Rivers crisis was instigated by the current governor. However, he pointed out that the governor has disregarded Tinubu’s advice, questioning the legality of his involvement in the situation after initially asking for his intervention.

He stated, “We must thank Mr. President for interfering and intervening, but I was not the one who invited Mr. President. You are the one who said the president should intervene. And since the president has intervened to bring peace, you now realize that he does not have constitutional power.

“No matter what circumstances, the president invites me to a meeting and tells me to do something; within 24 hours, I will carry it out,” he added.