Soyinka: “He Only Hates Obi Because Obasanjo Supports Him”, Hundeyin Reveals

In a tweet, investigative journalist David Hundeyin exposed Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka for being biased against Peter Obi, the 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party. Hundeyin claims Soyinka’s negative stance towards Obi is driven solely by former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s support for Obi.

 He Only Hates Obi Because Obasanjo Supports Him", Hundeyin Reveals
David Hundeyin

According to Hundeyin, Soyinka’s opinions are influenced by personal grudges (against Obasanjo) and loyalties rather than any genuine concern for Nigeria’s future. “If you know Wole Soyinka, you know that the whole world is divided into who he likes and who he has a grudge with,” Hundeyin tweeted.

Hundeyin further alleged that Soyinka’s judgments are based on his personal feelings rather than objective assessment. “If he likes you, you can commit 1st degree homicide on national TV, and he will issue a statement in support of you. If he has a grudge against you, you can cure cancer, end poverty in Africa, and bring peace to the Middle East, and it won’t matter to him,” Hundeyin stated.

The journalist suggested that Soyinka’s criticism of Peter Obi is not about political ideology or performance but is rooted in Soyinka’s animosity towards Obasanjo. “Nothing matters to him except his loyalties and his grudges,” Hundeyin added.

Hundeyin also questioned the relevance of Soyinka’s opinions at his advanced age. “So whenever he opens his mouth to start with these stunts, you should be aware that he is not thinking about Nigeria and its future at all. Wetin concern 89-year-old grandpa with future?” he remarked.

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Obasanjo, who has been a vocal supporter of Obi, has had a long and tumultuous relationship with Soyinka. Their disagreements date back to the military regime days, with both men frequently criticizing each other in public.

In the meantime, supporters of Peter Obi popularly known as Obidients remain undeterred, insisting that his track record speaks for itself. They argue that Obi’s policies and vision for Nigeria’s future should be the primary focus, not the personal biases of influential figures.

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