Submission of Forged Certificate to INEC Disqualifies Tinubu-APC Chieftain

Forged Certificate Saga: As regards the Chicago State University (CSU) certificate scandal, lawyer Kalu Kalu says that the main issue should be Bola Ahmed Tinubu being legally disqualified for the presidency because he gave an invalid certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Thursday, Kalu said that Nigerian news sites have changed the story about Atiku Abubakar’s petition, both when it was first presented and during the appeal process that followed.

“The case of Atiku Abubakar is about whether the certificate Tinubu gave to INEC was fake or not,” he said.

He said that the media had not taken a strong stand on the registrar of CSU’s oral testimony about the certificate Tinubu gave to INEC and whether the university confirmed giving that certificate to Tinubu or not.

He said that from a legal point of view, the story should be about how Tinubu was not eligible for the presidency because he gave INEC a fake certificate instead of whether Tinubu actually went to CSU or not.

Additionally, he claimed that the CSU registrar’s public statement made it abundantly clear that Tinubu did not provide the certificate to INEC on behalf of the institution.

Putting it on record for everyone to see, he said, “If you show a fake certificate, you are not qualified to run from the start.”

This person said that the law doesn’t favor anyone and that if the law says someone isn’t allowed because of forgery, they are indeed disqualified, no matter who they are.

The lawyer also said that there was a CSU admissions form with a statement that was said to be from Tinubu saying that he went to Government College, Lagos, and graduated in 1970.

Based on Kalu’s point of view, it is clear that no spoken statement contradicts the information in a paper when carefully thought through. That document shows that Tinubu’s passing certificate, which got her into CSU, showed that she was a student at a government college in Lagos as a woman.

After giving this information, he said it was clear that Tinubu had also sent a forged certificate to CSU as part of his application for entry. #Forged Certificate.

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