14-Year-Old Arrested After Killing Three In Thailand Mall

Thailand’s police arrested a teenage gunman suspected of killing a Chinese national and critically wounding five people on Tuesday in a shooting spree at a luxury Bangkok mall, the latest high-profile gun violence to rock the country in recent years, according to local sources.

Parallel Facts understands this comes less than an hour after the first reported gunfire at the Siam Paragon Mall, long regarded as one of Bangkok’s largest and most upscale shopping destinations.

The police have however confirmed the arrest of the suspect.

Reporters were informed that the situation was under control inside the mall, which features a theatre, an aquarium, and the five-star Siam Kempinski hotel in addition to selling high-end clothing and luxury vehicles.

According to Yutthana Sretthanan, head of Bangkok’s Emergency Medical Centre, three people were murdered and six were hurt.
The event occurred just before Thais were preparing to commemorate the anniversary of a gruesome gun and knife massacre that took place at a rural creche in a northern region on October 6, 2022, killing 36 people; the majority of them were preschoolers.

The gunshot forced officials to close access to the nearby Siam elevated train stop, preventing commuters from leaving the transport station as the evening rush hour started and heavy rain pounded the city. As sirens blared outside, first responders could be seen entering the mall.
Witnesses reported that large numbers of people exited the structure, one of many retail centres in the area that are well-liked by both tourists and wealthy Thais.
The AP reports that Liu Shiying, a tourist from China, said she witnessed people fleeing after hearing gunfire. She reported hearing gunshots, an alarm going off, and the mall’s lights going out.

“We’re hiding right now. Who has the guts to leave?” She said as she dove for safety. Later, she was allowed to go.
In numerous videos posted to social media, a person with a firearm was seen leaving the building while wearing a baseball cap, a dark shirt, and camouflage pants.