2024 Prophecies: Kogi, Imo, Zamfara Governors Will Be Removed – Prophet Olujobi


Prophet Bisi Olujobi, the spiritual head of the Wisdom Church of Christ International in Lagos, has unveiled a series of prophecies for the upcoming year, foreseeing the removal of governors in Kogi, Imo, and Zamfara states.

According to Olujobi, the governor-elect of Kogi State will face expulsion through a court ruling, with little hope for a favorable appeal.

Similarly, the governor of Zamfara State is predicted to be ousted, while the fate of the Kano State governor, already removed by both the Election Petition Tribunal and the Appeal Court, appears sealed pending a Supreme Court judgement.

In the case of Imo State, the prophet cautioned the governor against premature celebration, foreseeing significant opposition both at the tribunal and within the state, leading to his eventual removal.

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Adding to the prophetic insights, Olujobi stated that the Senate President would be utilized as a political sacrifice, with attempts to save him deemed futile.

Additionally, the Governor of Plateau State is said to operate in uncertain times, as Olujobi ominously declared, “I see him operating on a cloudy heaven.”

These revelations offer a glimpse into the spiritual leader’s predictions for the political landscape in 2024, sparking anticipation and speculation about the unfolding events in the mentioned states.