Federal Fire Service: 216 Fire Incidents, 12 Fatalities in Ogun, Lagos

Fire Incident
Federal Fire Service (Source: Leadership News)

The Federal Fire Service (FFS) Zone F, encompassing Lagos and Ogun states, has reported a distressing tally of 216 fire incidents from January to October, culminating in the unfortunate demise of 12 individuals. This alarming statistic was revealed by the Assistant Controller-General, Zone F, Mr. Chika Njoku, during a sensitisation campaign aimed at forestalling fire incidents in anticipation of the forthcoming harmattan season.

The report further detailed that property worth an estimated N4.7 billion fell prey to the ravages of fire within the zone during this period. However, amidst the grim figures, there was a glimmer of hope as 133 individuals were rescued from the clutches of these 216 fire incidents, along with property valued at a staggering N23.1 billion. In addition, 180 other individuals were also extricated from various disasters within the same timeframe.

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Mr. Njoku issued a stern warning to Lagos residents against engaging in activities that could potentially trigger fire outbreaks. He asserted, “The purpose of this briefing is to rekindle and heighten our level of preparedness to confront this period effectively, leaving no room for lapses. While we cannot completely eliminate fire outbreaks, we are striving to curtail them and mitigate their adverse effects on those impacted.”

He urged the public to exercise due caution and to promptly alert the fire service in the event of a fire outbreak.