3rd Mainland Bridge To Require €1.2m Equipment— Umahi

In order to properly restore the Eko Bridge in Lagos, Minister of Works, Dave Umahi has said the government must import building equipment valued at €1.2 million.

Umahi made this revelation while on a working visit to the Third Mainland, Carter, Falomo, Iddo, Eko, Marina, and Iganmu Bridge regions of the State.

The minister stated in a statement released on Sunday by Clement Ezeorah, Deputy Director of Press and Public Relations, that the equipment had to be imported because the Eko Bridge’s deck would need to be opened for appropriate maintenance.

The previous governor of Ebonyi stated that the Third Mainland Bridge, which was constructed in two portions 60 years ago, has issues as well.

He claimed that the primary cause of the deflection of the bridge was a lack of maintenance culture at the federal level.

The Minister said, “Due to the technicality of the job on Eko Bridge, where the bridge deck would be open, equipment worth one point two million euros would be imported into the country that would be used in maintaining the aspect of the bridge. 

“Eko Bridge suffers from two problems: the lack of maintenance and the eating up of the bearings. There are lots of air gaps, but the last administration did very well and did wonderful work. 

“Work is ongoing; it will be completed in 2024 because we are pushing for an increase in the number of workers and equipment on the site.

“Without the Eko Bridge, we will not have any trucks coming into Lagos Island.” Umahi said.