Eight-Year-Old, Bodhana Sivanandan Triumphs at European Blitz Chess Championship

Bodhana Sivanandan, an eight-year-old chess prodigy from the United Kingdom, has made a remarkable achievement by winning the women’s title at the European Blitz Chess Championship held in Croatia.

Her victory is even more impressive considering she scored 8.5 out of 13, outplaying seasoned professionals, including an international master, and even drawing with a grandmaster.

Blitz chess tournaments are known for their high intensity and rapid pace, with players having only a few minutes to make their moves. Despite the pressure, Bodhana demonstrated exceptional skill and composure throughout the competition.

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Many have described Bodhana’s success as “unbelievable.” She began her journey in the world of chess at the tender age of five, according to a report by the BBC. Since then, she has shown a remarkable progression in her skills and strategic understanding of the game.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Bodhana shared her approach to the game. “I always try my best to win; sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t,” she said. When asked about her feelings after becoming the top girl in the European blitz, she expressed, “I was very proud of myself.” And when queried about whether she gets nervous while playing, she confidently responded, “No, I just play the board.”

Her victory at the championship not only underscores her talent but also sets a promising trajectory for her future in the sport. As the chess community continues to celebrate her achievement, Bodhana Sivanandan stands as a beacon of inspiration for young chess enthusiasts worldwide, proving that age is no barrier to success in this strategic game.