Yemi Alade Knocks Nigerian Youths for Trending Wizkid, Davido Conflict Despite Tinubu Govt’s Irresponsibility, Failures


Nigerian musician Yemi Alade has voiced her disappointment with Nigerian youths for prioritizing the trending conflict between Afrobeat artists Wizkid and Davido, instead of holding the Tinubu government accountable for the country’s failures.

She urged the populace to shift their focus from celebrity feuds to addressing the systemic challenges imposed by the government.

In a social media post, Alade highlighted pressing issues such as the 400% increase in electricity tariffs and fuel prices, the depreciation of the Naira against the dollar, and the unbearable heatwave.

In post on social media, she stated, “Electricity tariff and fuel are at 400% increase. Naira to dollar is dancing alanta. The weather is unbearably hot.

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“People are busy being wicked to each other with daily increases in prices. Salaries have not been increased.

“Afrobeat artist are making the mess and you are picking sides instead of facing your government,” she added.