BREAKING: Explosion Hits Maitama, Abuja Today

Residents of Maitama in Abuja have raised concerns about an explosion in the area. The explosion is said to have occurred close to a refuse dump site.

In a series of tweets posted on X on Wednesday, several residents attributed the sound to an incident near a local dump site.

A user identified as A Y Rafindadi reported that two men sustained injuries during the incident. He detailed, “A truck came to pick up BPE trash, and while they were emptying the second trash can, an explosion occurred. I was merely 4 meters away when it happened on that pavement. Two men were injured and rushed to the hospital. My windscreen was shattered.”

Another X user, King Ray, offered an alternative perspective, stating, “The explosion is actually from a burning dump site. There might be empty gas cylinders in the refuse, triggering the explosion, but it’s definitely not a bomb.”

Likewise, Serah Ibrahim suggested a potential cause, stating, “An explosion occurred today at Maitama, Abuja, injuring many. The explosion was said to have happened close to a refuse dump site. It is suspected to be from a possible gas leakage.”

Contrarily, Abiodun Sanusi dismissed claims of an explosion in Maitama, explaining, “There was a bang in a street in Maitama, and a sudden loud, sharp noise was caused by an eruption from a metallic waste bin that has been heated by the sun (solar radiation). Police EOD were deployed, and no problem.”

As of the time of this report, the police had not released an official statement regarding the incident.