Your Cabinet Is Too Cold; Come Up With Knowledgeable People — Jimoh Ibrahim Tells Tinubu

A Senator on the Appropriations Committee, Jimoh Ibrahim, has urged Bola Tinubu to dissolve his cabinet and dismiss certain ministers.


“You have to dissolve the cabinet. You have to come up with knowledgeable people. The cabinet is too cold,” he said on Channels Television’s Politics Today programme on Wednesday.

Ibrahim, representing Ondo South Senatorial District, expressed regret that the current batch of ministers does not meet the country’s “Grade A” standard and are not optimal for addressing the economic challenges faced since tinubu’s inauguration about a year ago.

Nigeria is grappling with complex socio-economic issues stemming from the new administration’s policies of removing petrol subsidies and unifying foreign exchange rates. This has led to tripled energy costs, causing a crisis of high living expenses with unprecedented food inflation.

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Despite assurances from the government, there has been no relief for the people, and new policies such as electricity tariff increases and cybersecurity levies on electronic transactions have faced criticism from labor unions, pro-democracy activists, and civil society groups.

Tinubu, along with his deputy Kashim Shettima, assumed office last May promising to reform the economy and deliver democratic dividends to Nigeria’s 200 million citizens.

Tinubu appointed a 48-member cabinet last August, about three months after succeeding his party colleague, former President Muhammadu Buhari.

Ibrahim suggested that ministers accused of corruption should be replaced. “Failing to do so will burden you with their mistakes, which would be detrimental to our country,” he cautioned the President.

Ibrahim noted that the President has a “fantastic strategy” hindered by a flawed structure. He lamented that the inefficient structure has obstructed the strategy’s implementation. “Do you believe the current system can support this strategy?” he rhetorically asked.