Drake Signed His Soul to Devil — Kanye West Claims

American rapper Kanye West has stirred controversy with recent claims that his colleague Drake signed his soul to “the devil,” leading to their fallout.

West alleges that Drake’s alignment with forces opposing God caused their rift, as he represents God in his artistry.

Speaking on ‘The Download’ podcast, West stated, “It’s like he [Drake] signed his soul to the devil to not be cool with me. This is his job, to go against God.

“Pluto [Future] called me, I went to the studio and laid that [my verse on the remix]. Everybody was very, very excited about the elimination of Drake. Not excited — we was energized.”

West also suggested that Drake’s success is influenced by his connections, particularly mentioning Lucian Grainge, the CEO of Universal Music, as Drake’s “rich baby daddy” who controls aspects of his commercial success.

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“Drake has a rich baby daddy, named Lucian [Grainge] and Universal. He’s like, my daddy control the spins, my daddy got the DSPs,” West added.