Tinubu Destroyed 49 Year Old ECOWAS in 9 Months — Usman Yusuf, Former NHIS Secretary

Tinubu Destroyed 49 Year Old ECOWAS in 9 Months — Usman Yusuf

Following the withdrawal of Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso from Nigerian-Led ECOWAS, Usman Yusuf, former Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has expressed grave concerns over the actions of Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu, revealing that within a span of nine months, he has jeopardized the stability of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) that has lasted for 49 years.

In a recent interview on Arise TV Morning Show, Prof. Yusuf specifically pointed to Tinubu’s handling of negotiations with Niger after a military coup, accusing him of unilaterally switching off the electricity supply to Niger, imposing sanctions, and escalating tensions.

Yusuf asserted that Tinubu’s approach lacked consultation and diplomacy, highlighting the repercussions on the northern states of Nigeria that share common borders with Niger. He emphasised the historical and cultural ties between the people in these regions, condemning Tinubu’s actions for disrupting the flow of essential supplies, leading to hardships in border communities.

The former NHIS Secretary underscored the significance of ECOWAS, an organization established 49 years ago by Gen. Yakubu Gowon and other West African leaders. He criticized Tinubu for undermining the diplomatic achievements of the past.

An excerpt from the interview, Yusuf stated, “Bola Ahmed Tinubu botched this negotiation with Niger after the military coup.

“Remember after the coup, Tinubu Unilaterally as the the president of ECOWAS switched off the electricity supply to Niger on treaty 60 years old and put sanction and brought up front what he should have kept as trump card; brought up front the thread of violence.

“If you don’t do this Nigeria is going to attack, Tinubu sent his Military, buses everywhere. This is what gave this Military young men legitimacy in their land and they stay entrenched.

“How can you Threaten somebody, a country, your neighbour and then say that we will talk later at a time when you didn’t even have your cabinet. Your security chiefs were just getting their feet wet. Unilaterally, Tinubu did all these without consultation.

“Northern Nigeria, people in Niger are our blood brothers and sisters. They are housing Fulanis, Kanuris everywhere, the borders is just artificial.

“ECOWAS was created 49 years ago by Gen.Yakubu Gowon and his fellow presidents of West Africa, next year it will be 50 years.”

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Speaking further he articulate, “Bola Ahmed Tinubu in 9 months has destroyed what was created 49 years ago, what has lasted 49 years ago; because of lack of consultation, because of hubris.

“Seven States of the federation in the north from Kebbi to Bornu have common bordera with Niger Republic. People have been suffering in these border community, because food supplies, medicines were not going in.

“This is not this first time, they were several coups in Niger Republic. Leaders past navigated and found a way to resolve it as big brothers.

“Now, what Tinubu did has botched diplomacy, it has pushed these young leaders in Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso to say we are leaving.

“How can you be at peace, how can you sleep with your two eyes closed when you’re fighting with your neighbour,” Yusuf asked.