Erik Ten Hag Exiles Jadon Sancho from Manchester United’s First Team

Manchester United’s Coach Erik Ten Tag has indefinitely exiled Jason Sancho from the Manchester United First Team. The player is restricted from using any of the First Team Facilities.

The player will be sidelined and will not be involved in any of Manchester United’s first-team training, traveling, dinners e.t.c until further notice. The heat between both the couch and the young lad has now intensified into incontrollable degrees.

Some Players in the team are also said to not be happy with Sancho’s habit in training as this has been one of the major causes of the ongoing situation.

Amidst the unpleasant exchanges, some Manchester United executives are said to have tried to fix the situation between Sancho and Ten Hag but all is to no avail. Other players pity and sympathize with Sancho but none has in any way supported his post on Instagram, the account was deactivated on Tuesday.

He said on his Instagram, “Please don’t believe everything you read! I will not allow people to say things that are completely untrue, I have conducted myself in training very well this week. I believe there are other reasons for this matter that I won’t go into, I’ve been a scapegoat for a long time which isn’t fair.”

“All I want to do is play football with a smile on my face and contribute to my team. I respect all decisions that are made by the coaching staff, | play with fantastic players and grateful to do so which I know every week is a challenge. I will continue to fight for this badge no matter what.” He said this as a response to Erik Ten Hag’s comments on him and also to other reports that describe the player not fit to start as he’s “lazy”.

Recall that Sancho was bought from Dortmund for a fee of £75m in the summer of 2021 and has since then been a shadow of himself, with his best yet to be seen in a Red Devil shirt.

“When Sancho was still at Dortmund, discipline was always a topic of conversation. He often came late to training or flew away for 2/3 days after a match. The biggest problem according to BVB bosses is that Sancho sleeps too little and sits at the console and plays until the early hours in the morning, a lifestyle that doesn’t fit.” SPORTBILD Reports.

The coach doesn’t seem to bring down his shoulders on this with Sancho also insisting on apologizing. The future of the player is yet to be defined and it all seems an exit in January would definitely kick in.