Explosion Near Israel Embassy in New Delhi Sparks Heightened Security Measures


A powerful explosion rocked the vicinity of the Israel embassy on Monday, prompting an immediate bolstering of security in the area.

The embassy confirmed the occurrence, emphasizing that no casualties or injuries have been reported.

Close scrutiny of CCTV footage revealed the presence of two suspects near the blast site, prompting an intensive effort to trace their movements and apprehend them.

Delhi Police is meticulously analyzing footage from surrounding cameras to reconstruct the suspects’ path leading to the embassy, with the aim of revealing potential accomplices.

A typed letter, wrapped in an Israeli flag and addressed to the Ambassador of the Israeli Embassy, was discovered near the blast site, sources informed India Today TV.

The letter, composed in English, delves into Israel’s actions in Gaza, citing a motive of ‘revenge.’ A group identifying itself as “Sir Allah Resistance” has claimed responsibility for the blast, according to sources.

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Following the explosion, the area was briefly cordoned off and later reopened. Forensic teams and canine units from the elite National Security Guard (NSG) were dispatched to inspect the scene. National Investigation Agency (NIA) officials were also present, conducting an investigation alongside the Delhi Police.

Reports of a loud explosion near the Embassy of Israel in Chanakyapuri surfaced at around 5 pm on Tuesday. An unidentified caller informed the Delhi Police about the explosion on an empty plot behind the mission. Subsequently, bomb squads and specialized police teams were deployed for a thorough search, but nothing suspicious was found.

The Israel embassy acknowledged the incident, assuring that an investigation is in progress. Embassy spokesperson Guy Nir stated, “We can confirm that around 5:08 pm, there was a blast in proximity to the embassy.

The Delhi police and the security team are still investigating the situation.” Importantly, no embassy staff members were harmed during the incident.

A comprehensive search in the area led to the discovery of a one-page typed letter wrapped in an Israeli flag.

Described as “abusive” in nature, the letter strongly criticized Israel’s actions in Gaza, alluding to revenge. However, the police have not disclosed further details about the contents of the letter.

In a statement, Delhi Police affirmed, “Experts have examined the spot and lifted exhibits that may have evidentiary relevance.

The same are being sent for forensic examination.” The investigation continues to unfold as authorities strive to piece together the events surrounding the explosion near the Israel embassy.