Former Taraba Governor Pledges to do Better After Four Years in Prison

Rev. Jolly Tavoro Nyame, the ex-Governor of Taraba State, who spent four years in Kuje prison has promised to do better if given another chance to lead the people.

Nyame shared insights from his time in the Kuje correctional centre during a Thanksgiving service at the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) secretariat in Jalingo.

He expressed a commitment to be a more effective leader if given another opportunity to govern the state, attributing this to the invaluable lessons he learned during his incarceration.

Nyame was quoted as saying, “I learned a lot while in Kuje Prison and in the hospital. If given another opportunity to lead the people of Taraba State, I will do better because of the experience I have gained.”

He emphasized the importance of resilience and faith, advising leaders to remain steadfast when faced with difficulties.

Despite serving only four years of a 14-year sentence, Nyame maintained that his imprisonment was a result of political machinations.

In his reflections, he conveyed a message of hope and unity for Nigerians, underscoring the role of prayer and faith in shaping the country’s future.

Regarding personal finances, Nyame encouraged Nigerians to exercise prudence in their spending and called on the government to focus on policies that improve the quality of life for its citizens.