France Deports Tunisian Imam for Calling French Flag ‘Satanic’


France has expelled Mahjoub Mahjoubi, a Tunisian Muslim cleric, following remarks deemed “unacceptable” and indicative of “radicalism,” as described by Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

Darmanin announced the expulsion on Twitter, emphasizing the government’s firm stance: “The radical Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi has just been expelled from the national territory, less than 12 hours after his arrest. We will not let people get away with anything.”

This decision comes after Darmanin instructed the issuance of a deportation order against the Imam for alleged extremist rhetoric, affirming that “firmness is the rule.”

Mahjoubi, who preached in a southern French mosque, referred to the “three-colored flag” as “satanic.”

Despite his denial and claim of being taken out of context, reports citing the expulsion order outlined Mahjoubi’s alleged propagation of a literal, intolerant, and violent interpretation of Islam, which could promote behaviors contrary to the Republic’s values, including discrimination against women, identity retreat, tensions with the Jewish community, and jihadist radicalization.

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The Imam’s lawyer intends to challenge the expulsion, which was facilitated by France’s new immigration law.

Another Muslim preacher was deported to Egypt for purportedly inciting against the West, with France’s Minister of Overseas Territories, Brice Hortefeux, labeling him a “dangerous individual.”