High Tuition Fees Halt James Brown’s Studies in London

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown, has revealed that he had to put his studies on hold due to the high tuition fees in London. 

In a recent interview with Cool FM, Brown shared his struggles with affording his education in the UK. “I know that people said I left school; why would I do that? It was a 2-year course, and I did not know I would spend $30 million,” he said.

Brown expressed his surprise at the cost of living in London, stating, “No one told me London was expensive. I was broke when I was going; I did not know it was that expensive. No one told me London was that expensive.”

He described the financial strain he experienced while studying abroad, “So I started paying 100k, 50k, and 200k and while getting there, I was exhausted. I even cried. I mean, it was not easy making money the way I did and using the money to pay for my school when no one supported me.”

Despite the challenges, Brown clarified that he did not drop out of school but instead put his studies on hold.

In addition to discussing his education, Brown also revealed his earnings from social media. He charges clients between N800,00 and N1,000,000 for each Instagram post he creates for them. He justified this pricing by pointing to his millions of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

“I didn’t decide to be a crossdresser; I was born with it,” he added.