From Cooking Tales to Triumph: A Twitter User’s ‘Aguero Moment’

The unofficial anthem, motto, and quote of 2024, “no gree for anybody,” has been brought to life by a formerly low-profile Twitter (now X) user who has now scored a significant New Year goal, inspiring a miraculous tale of love, sacrifice, and unprecedented generosity.

The journey began with a seemingly ordinary response from @_Debbie_OA, setting in motion a chain of events that echoed the new year mantra – “no gree for anybody”.

On January 3, she replied a Twitter post of another user @Ms. Madisha. In her response which gained over 21 million views, @_Debbie_OA shared how she started rising at 4:50 am to prepare her husband’s lunch, a move she claimed was strategic to thwart a colleague’s potential interest in her husband, who allegedly brought an extra spoon to work.

Her response sparked a Twitter debate, with two opposing sides emerging for and against her response. Camp A, tagged “Patriarchy FC” lauded her commitment to traditional values of housekeeping and what a dutiful, ‘Proverbs 31’ wife should be and “Feminism FC” expressing concerns about her husband fostering insecurities on her.

In the midst of the debate, @SamdGreat01, another Twitter user, went deep into her timeline, discovering a Christmas wish for a modestly priced bedside fridge. This wish served as the catalyst for an unexpected wave of generosity, unleashing donations totaling N2,044,133.94 within 11 hours. Her followers also surged from under 2000 to over 75,000.

Brands and individuals seized the opportunity, contributing gifts ranging from an offer from Kuda Bank to double the total monetary donation to a free fuel voucher worth N200,000 from NNPCL and two new Infinix Hot 40 phones for her and her husband from the Infinix phone brand.

Beyond monetary contributions, the online community embraced @_Debbie_OA with tangible and intangible gifts. Offers poured in, including clothing, laptop, skill training, a bed frame, job opportunities, and vacation invitations to Canada and Brazil. Finnih Medical Center offered free antenatal care, monitoring, and delivery.

Even Nigerian car manufacturing giants, Innoson Motors and Nordmotion Motors, joined the outpouring. Innoson Motors sent “virtual balloons,” Nordmotion Motors offered payments for a two-bedroom apartment, and promises of a new flat-screen TV with a year-long DSTV subscription added to the growing list of gifts.

Some of the gifts from Twitter users includes: Shoes from @thepsalms_ng, free makeup from @_mamidee, brand new tires from @senibobo, groundnut oil and a 25kg bag of rice from @sakalist, room painting from @wesabiHq, a generator from @cryptofrombailout, a Lexus IS250 offer from @iam-gomez, window blinds from @iamchibyk and @oju-eko1, data analyst training from @vephlauni and @ezekiel-aleke, legal services from @inibeheeffiong and tech esq, N100k and 100GB data from @bestdatang1, blue tick payment from @hav3rs, a smart screen and entertainment unit from @arkitectakanmu, perfume, home diffusers, and room spray from @a_vanita, clothes from @may48clothing and @mrklassiq and @shugaglow, an admission offer abroad from @tundeTASH courtesy of @schooliplyHQ, baby gifts from @afolake_01, a mattress from @izunwa_CITO, a cybersecurity course from @_deejustdee, furnishing from @harwohyehmil, health insurance from @aproko_doctor, a smart TV from @elkrosmediahub, and bedsheets from @bedsheetgirll.

Other users, such as @japaconsults_, @mis_she_du, @raycypherst, @wizarab10, and @thespiritgroup, shopping vouchers for baby essentials, a year of health insurance, private mobile viewing from @filmhousecinema, and a generous donation of 1 million naira.

While most users bemoaned the state of the country where the lady who is a Geophysicist by training and her husband who is a Mathematics graduate couldn’t live comfortable lives prior to the intervention of Nigerians, many saw, through the lens of @_Debbie_OA’s tale, a testament to the power of community spirit, and a reminder that in the vast digital landscape, kindness and generosity can sping up unexpectedly, changing lives.