FLASHBACK: How Yoruba Ronu, CV Merchant, Woye, and Others Mocked Dr. Chinelo in Her Final Hours

Dr. Chinelo Megafu, a 29-year-old woman and a University of Port Harcourt-trained dental surgeon, was among the 970 passengers aboard the ill-fated Kaduna-bound train attacked on March 28, 2022.

Dr, Chinelo Megafu

Her final moments were documented through social media, particularly, Twitter (now X). as she managed to send out a tweet pleading for help after being shot. In her tweet, she wrote, “I’m in the train. I have been shot please pray for me.”

The tweet sent by Ms. Megafu around 9:43 p.m. on March 28 alerted her followers to her distressing situation, claiming she had been shot while aboard a train and requesting prayers. Tragically, reports later indicated that the young doctor had succumbed to her injuries, passing away hours after her initial tweet on the micro-blogging platform.

However, most noteworthy was the reaction of some individuals who have gained notoriety on Twitter. Instead of receiving the support and assistance she desperately needed, Dr Megafu was met with callous and heartless responses from these individuals.

Today, two years after the tragic incident, we look back at the reaction of some of her unrepentant traducers.

One user, Iyabo Arinola Awokoya @iyaboawokoya, replied with the cruel remark, “Oni iro oshi,” which translates to “you’re a dirty liar”, in response to Dr Megafu’s plea for sympathy

Another user, @ysone2 or Abolore, questioned, “Are you dead now?” displaying a complete lack of empathy for her dire situation.

Posh Mama @yinkus772003 dismissed the severity of her injury, stating, “your shot isn’t serious, otherwise you’ll be asking us to call the army not pray for you.”

Dipo Awojide @ogbenidipo a controversial CV merchant living in the UK, retweeted the post seemingly in agreement with the vile comments directed towards Dr. Megafu.

Arewa Daddy @ishakaa insensitively remarked, “You are shot and you can tweet. please help us with the picture of your gunshot wounds, but seriously where are you travelling to Biafra through Kaduna or what?”. the reference to “Biafra” signifying his attempt to not only politicise the tragedy but to also introduce elements of bigotry and divisiveness to the conversation.

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Similarly, @woye1 responded with mockery, replying with “Fake. Shot and tweeting abeg”, displaying disbelief for her situation

@abiwapele questioned Dr. Megafu’s presence on the train, insinuating ulterior motives, “What is an IPOBian doing in a dead Buhari train, except you are on a different mission.”

Engr Abdulbasit @afolabiBB cynically commented, “In the eyes or chest?” while Ogunlana Oluwaseyi @ChAAley10 callously asked, “You’re shot and you can still tweet, which part of the body were you shot? Chinelo why have you loved lies this much?”

These heartless remarks not only demonstrate a lack of humanity but also highlight the toxic nature of the online discourse of those who are pro-APC, pro-Buhari or pro-Tinubu, especially in the face of tragedy.

Dr Megafu served at Kaduna State Dental Centre and worked with St. Gerard’s Hospital, Kakuri, before her tragic death, and it was reported that Dr Megafu was bound to leave Nigeria the following Friday before the terrorists attacked the train.

By: Steve Emmanuel