“Igbo Can Only Secure Presidency by Joining APC,” Former Senator Declares After Defecting From PDP to Ruling Party

Chukwuka Utazi, the former senator representing Enugu North senatorial zone, has asserted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) provides the sole avenue through which the Igbo ethnic group can clinch the Nigerian presidency.

Utazi, who recently defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the ruling APC, emphasized the necessity for Igbo individuals to align with the APC to bolster their prospects of attaining the nation’s highest office.

Speaking on the matter, Utazi highlighted the strategic importance of Igbo involvement within the APC, citing the potential for securing the vice presidency when power shifts to the North in 2031.

Utazi remarked, “If you do everything and you are not at the centre, you are not gaining anything. We want to come together to get this presidency we are looking for. If we come together, we will get it.

“The only way we can get the presidency of Nigeria is by serving in APC. We have to do it now, not when it is late.

“When we serve in APC now and follow to the end, when the presidency rotates to the North, we expect the vice presidency to come to the South East. When it is the turn of the South, we will now start talking about the presidency.

“This is the only way we can get it. If we are here just making noise, things will be going behind us in Nigeria. This is why I decided to come and serve in APC. Let us get involved in this fight.

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“It is not everyday you are writing what other zones have gotten in the government, are you in that government? When will we have the chance to get what is due to us? It is only when we have the presidency that we can make things work for our people.

“Nigeria started with three legs but today, it is standing on two legs and half. Where are Ndigbo because we were part of those who fought for this country. So, the only way to come back to the mainframe is to join APC, this is the time and I am going to join as a loyal party man.”