Palliative Scandal: Kano Govt Uncovers Warehouse for Palliative Diversion


In a startling revelation, the Kano State Government uncovered a warehouse in Sharada Industrial Estate where essential food items designated for palliative distribution were discovered diverted.

Malam Bature Dawakin-Tofa, the Press Secretary to the governor, revealed this situation in a statement issued on Sunday.

Dawakin-Tofa disclosed that the State Governor, Abba Yusuf, accompanied by government officials, inspected the clandestine storehouse where pilfered maize and rice, concealed in chemical drums, were stockpiled.

Expressing astonishment, Governor Yusuf vowed to prosecute all involved in the shameful act of withholding vital palliative resources.

Swiftly taking action, he instructed the police commissioner to assume control of the facility and initiate a thorough investigation to identify the culprits.

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The tip-off leading to this discovery originated from vigilant Sharada residents who noticed suspicious activities around the warehouse.bThousands of bags, bearing the governor’s face and intended as palliatives, were found re-bagged, according to Mr. Rabiu Amour, a community leader in Sharada.

“We know these food items are meant to be distributed to less privileged people, therefore we decided to blow the whistle,” he declared.