Kidnappers of Ekiti Schoolchildren Issue New Threat, Demand N15m Ransom

The kidnappers behind the abduction of five pupils and four staff members from the Apostolic Faith Group of Schools in Emure Ekiti have escalated their threat, warning that they will proceed with killing the victims unless parents swiftly pay the reduced ransom of N15 million.

Initially, the kidnappers had demanded N100 million, but negotiations led to a reduction in the ransom amount. Families of the abducted victims have revealed this latest development, emphasizing the urgent need for the prompt payment of the reduced ransom.

The abductors claim that the kidnapped children are showing signs of weakness, placing immense pressure on the parents to raise the funds and secure the release of their loved ones.

The victims, comprising schoolchildren and staff members, were taken on the Emure-Ekiti — Iporo Ekiti road after school hours. The assailants targeted a bus carrying over 25 pupils of the Apostolic Faith Group of Schools.

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Pastor Clement Adebisi, whose wife, Mary, was among the kidnapped staff members, shared in an interview that the kidnappers stressed the importance of timely payment, revealing that the children were already exhibiting signs of weakness. Adebisi recounted that his wife was taken away by the kidnappers while his three children were left on the bus.

“We just spoke with them two hours ago, and they concluded that we should pay N15 million. They told us that the children were already getting weak, and we should find the money on time to take them out of their place,” Adebisi explained.

He further described an incident where one of his children who attempted to follow the mother was beaten and thrown into the bush.

Another parent, Adebisi Jegede, shared that the abductors, who initially demanded N10 million each for the release, escalated their threats, physically harming his wife and children. The kidnappers warned of fatal consequences if the demanded ransom was not promptly paid.