Nigerian Dancer Korra Obidi Suffers Acid and Knife Attack in UK

Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, also known as Anita Obidi, encountered a terrifying assault involving acid and a knife while live-streaming in the United Kingdom.

The distressing incident unfolded during a live stream on April 11, 2024, as captured in a video posted on Obidi’s Instagram account.

“My face is burning, can I have some coke to wash it please,” Obidi cried out in agony during the attack.

Footage from the live stream showed Obidi attempting to alleviate the burning sensation on her face by washing it with a Coca-Cola beverage, likely to counteract the effects of the acid.

Responding swiftly, two uniformed officers arrived at the scene, as seen in the video. One officer applied a liquid solution to Obidi’s face to ease her pain, while the other administered first aid by spraying her back.

In a plea for assistance, Obidi urged the public to provide any information that could lead to the identification and capture of her attacker.

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Describing the assailant as a Black female standing approximately five feet tall, Obidi revealed her distress over the incident, citing previous encounters with online hate but highlighting this physical assault as a grave wake-up call.

“Currently in an ambulance to the hospital, there was a knife, acid attack on me in the UK 🇬🇧 in the middle of a live stream,” Obidi shared on social media.

“There’s been a lot of hate in the past but this physical assault is a wake-up call.”

The motive behind the attack remains unclear, and authorities are conducting investigations into the incident.