VIDEO: Yoruba Market Women Lament High Cost of Living, Threaten to Beat Tinubu Up


A group of Yoruba market women in Ogun State have expressed their anger and frustration over the economic policies of Bola Tinubu’s government, which they claim have made life unbearable for them and other Nigerians.

The women, who spoke in their native language to a reporter from Sugarlink Concepts, said they were disappointed by Mr Tinubu, who they accused of betraying the Yoruba people and embarrassing them in front of the Igbo people.

The video of their interview, which was posted online by an X user named Somto Okonkwo on Monday, has gone viral on social media platforms.

One of the women said: “He didn’t act like a real Yoruba, he embarrassed all of us in Yoruba land and in front of the igbos.”

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Another woman said she had no interest in politics because politicians were destroyers and had worsened the country’s situation. She warned that anyone who came to solicit for her vote would face the wrath of thunder.

She said: “I have never been in politics because politicians are destroyers and making the country worse. No one should come and meet me to vote, they should call all their generations that are enjoying their money to vote for them. If anyone come out for election na thunder go strike am.”

The women also complained about the high cost of goods, especially fish, which they said had become unaffordable for them and their customers.

A fish seller said: “I sell different types of fish but I can’t eat out of it because it is too expensive. If I cook a derica of rice at home and I hear someone greeting me ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ I will quickly hide the food before they get close.

“Things are expensive. We used to buy carton of titus 17k before now na 100k. Cote fish is 60k, shawa we use to buy 70 naira per one is 700 naira now.”

The women threatened to beat up Mr Tinubu if they ever saw him, saying he had failed to deliver on his promises and had made life harder for them.

Watch video here: