Mexico Campaign Rally Stage Collapses, Kill 5; Over 50 Injured

A stage collapsed in northern Mexico on Wednesday as strong winds gusted through a presidential candidate’s campaign rally, leaving at least five people dead and around 50 others injured.


Images of the accident showed a crowd fleeing as the structure supporting the stage toppled over and a giant screen fell on the stage where longshot presidential candidate, Jorge Alvarez Maynez and members of his Citizens’ Movement party were standing.

Speaking to the press from the scene, Samuel Garcia, the governor of the northern state of Nuevo Leon described the accident as “a tragedy.”

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Garcia took to his X handle and wrote, “At the moment, unfortunately, five people lost their lives and 50 have moderate and serious injuries”.

Meanwhile, Maynez’s party said in a statement that he would suspend all campaign events “in solidarity with those affected.”

Jose Juan, who was at the rally, recounted how the structure came crashing down on the candidates and their supporters.

“It hit me on the head and I fainted. The rest was pure hysteria, pure panic,” he told newsmen.

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