Ruling party candidate Bola Tinubu, addresses supporters in Abuja on March 1, 2023 during celebrations at his campaign headquarters. - Ruling party candidate Bola Tinubu won Nigeria's highly disputed weekend election, electoral authorities said on Wednesday, securing the former Lagos governor the presidency of Africa's most populous democracy. With President Muhammadu Buhari stepping down after two terms, many Nigerians hoped Saturday's vote would usher in a leader capable of tackling the country's widening insecurity, economic malaise and growing poverty. (Photo by Kola SULAIMON / AFP) (Photo by KOLA SULAIMON/AFP via Getty Images)

Nigeria Will End Banditry, Terrorism If Given 1% Of Support Received By Ukraine – Tinubu’s Govt Tells EU


The Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led Federal Government has urged for increased assistance from the European Union (EU) in addressing the security issues within Nigeria. Minister of Defence.

Speaking at the event titled “Road to Schuman Forum on Security and Defence” organised by the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) in collaboration with the EU, on Wednesday, in Abuja, the Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru, said the world has become a global village, stressing that insecurity in one country is also a threat to security in the next country.

Bada noted the interconnectedness of the world, asserting that insecurity in one country poses a threat to neighboring nations’ security as well.

Represented at the occasion by the permanent secretary of the ministry, Dr. Ibrahim Kana, he said: “One may think that you are in Europe and you are safe, you are in America and therefore you are safe.

“One may also think that insecurity is only in the Middle East and Africa, but the reality is that what affects one country in the world will eventually affect the other.”

Badaru said that Nigeria is grappling with numerous security obstacles, spanning from terrorism and banditry to kidnapping.

He urged the EU to aid the government in addressing these challenges.

“We plead with you that the support given to Ukraine if one percent comes to Nigeria, the funding given to the military if just one percent comes to Nigeria, we can assure you we will fight the banditry and terrorism in Nigeria.

“The reality is that somehow we feel EU and other nations pay more attention to other worlds compared to instability and insecurity in our region.

“We are not fighting wars, what we have now is insecurity and terrorism and it can be addressed with very little resource,” he said.

The Minister emphasized that many African nations, particularly Niger, are grappling with insecurity due to extreme poverty. He urged that a portion of the resources allocated to the war in Ukraine could be redirected to help Africa combat terrorism.

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He reassured that Nigeria remains committed to promoting peace not only within Africa but globally.

Major General Adamu Garba Laka, the National Coordinator of the NCTC under the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), urged all stakeholders and partners to collaborate in addressing current and emerging security threats.

He emphasized the need for collective efforts to bolster national development, not only in Nigeria but across the ECOWAS region.

Highlighting the importance of effective partnerships in addressing evolving security dynamics, he underscored the deployment of comprehensive approaches involving both government and civil society to tackle security challenges.

He expressed gratitude to the EU for its dedication to maintaining peace and security in Nigeria and the ECOWAS region.

Ambassador Samuela Isopi, leading the European Union Delegation to Nigeria, stated that the meeting aimed to gather insights and assessments regarding the key peace, security, and defense challenges facing Nigeria and its surrounding regions.

He emphasized the need to adapt to the changing global security landscape and discussed strategies to forge a tailored security and defense partnership between Nigeria and the EU.

“No one can afford to work in isolation,” she said.

The meeting served as an introduction to the impending Schuman Security and Defence Forum scheduled for May 28th and 29th, 2024 in Brussels, Belgium. Nigeria is set to join 27 EU member states, along with 60 partner nations and international organizations in this significant event.

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