Nigerians More Concerned About Rising Food Prices, Not Budget – Rewane


Bismarck Rewane, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Financial Derivatives Company Limited has said Nigerians are currently grappling with the pressing issue of rising food prices and not bothered about the intricacies of the recently presented 2024 budget by Bola Tinubu.

While highlighting the budget on Channels Television’s ‘Business Morning’ show, Rewane emphasised that citizens are focused on understanding how the budget will impact their daily lives, particularly in terms of making essential commodities like rice, bread, and garri more affordable.

Rewane also underscored the importance of evaluating its success based on tangible effects on citizens’ ability to cope with the substantial increase in food costs.

He stressed the budget’s success would be gauged not merely by fiscal statistics, but by its tangible effects on citizens’ ability to afford essential commodities like rice, bread, and garri at reasonable prices.

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He pointed out that economic challenges, coupled with heightened poverty levels, have contributed to a surge in mental health issues, visible in the growing number of individuals facing such challenges on the streets.

Emphasising the disconnect between macroeconomic projections and ground realities, Rewane called for government transparency regarding the current economic conditions of the country.

He further stressed the need for the budget to extend its impact beyond statistical figures, addressing the immediate concerns of the populace.