Nigerian Nurse Reportedly Sacked, Deported from UK Over Prayer for Patient

A Nigerian nurse in the United Kingdom faced termination and subsequent deportation after allegedly engaging in prayer for an elderly patient in critical condition.

The incident has sparked discussions around ethical standards within the UK healthcare system.

Renowned Nigerian doctor @drolufunmilayo brought attention to the matter on social media platform ‘X,’ shedding light on the UK’s ethical guidelines, which deem it inappropriate for healthcare professionals, including nurses, to incorporate personal religious practices into their professional duties.

Dr. Olufunmilayo emphasized that while facilitating religious services is acceptable upon patient request, personally engaging in prayer is not considered standard practice for nurses in the UK.

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He shared this incident as a cautionary tale for Nigerian doctors relocating to the UK, stressing the importance of adhering to the established professional standards within the country’s healthcare system.

This incident highlights the ongoing need for healthcare professionals to navigate the delicate balance between personal beliefs and adherence to professional guidelines, especially in multicultural and diverse healthcare settings.

The doctor added, “Praying for your patient is seen as an abuse of trust and misuse of your position. You are expected to simply do and focus on your job.” #Nurse