Tigran Gambaryan Detained in Nigeria Not Part of Our Company’s Management Team —Binance Reveals

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency firm, has clarified that its employee, Tigran Gambaryan, who is currently detained in Nigeria, is not associated with the company’s management team.

In a statement issued to journalists on Wednesday, Binance revealed that Gambaryan, an American citizen, holds a position solely as a law enforcement officer within the company.

The statement emphasized that Gambaryan lacks decision-making authority within Binance.

Part of the statement read: “Tigran is a strict law enforcement professional and is not part of Binance management. While he has left the official service of the U.S. government, he has remained fully committed to the role of law enforcement officer ever since, operating as a global advocate for good governance and transparent regulatory financial practices.

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“Binance respectfully requests that Tigran Gambaryan, who has no decision-making power in the company, is not held responsible while current discussions are ongoing between Binance and Nigerian government officials.”

In February, Gambaryan and his colleague, Nadeem Anjarwalla from Binance Holdings Limited, were arrested in Nigeria on suspicion of involvement in money laundering activities.