Ousted OpenAI CEO Altman Weighs Return Amidst AI Venture Talks


In a move that reverberated through the tech industry, OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman has been ousted, prompting discussions about his possible return.

Sources reveal that Altman is engaging with OpenAI executives to enhance the company’s governance structure while simultaneously exploring the prospect of launching a new AI venture. Investors, including major backer Microsoft, are reportedly concerned about talent exodus, contemplating damage control measures, possibly pushing for his reinstatement.

Khosla Ventures, an early OpenAI supporter, expressed support for his return while signaling backing for his future endeavors. Microsoft, holding 49% ownership, declined to comment on the unfolding situation. Altman’s departure triggered strong reactions from employees, with some contemplating resignation if he isn’t reinstated soon.

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Former OpenAI President Greg Brockman, who quit in response to Altman’s firing, is anticipated to join any potential new venture. His removal, attributed to a “breakdown of communications,” has spurred discussions about restoring him as CEO, with investors reportedly strategizing for this outcome.

The turmoil comes amid OpenAI’s pivotal role in the rapid growth of generative AI, exemplified by the global sensation of ChatGPT. The company faces uncertainties as emotions run high, and potential shifts in leadership loom large over an upcoming $86 billion share sale.