Photographer Brutally Stabbed to Death in Niger State

In a tragic turn of events, freelance photographer Zacchaeus Salawadeen, aged 33, fell victim to a horrifying attack in his residence located in the Tundun Fulani Area of Minna, the capital of Niger State. The assailants, suspected to be hoodlums, mercilessly stabbed Salawadeen multiple times, leaving him lifeless in the presence of his three children.

The heinous incident unfolded on Tuesday night, shortly after Salawadeen had concluded his professional duties for the day and returned home to reunite with his family. According to reports, the perpetrators clandestinely trailed him to his residence before launching a vicious assault that tragically claimed his life.

Eyewitnesses recount a harrowing scene, describing how the assailants brazenly invaded Salawadeen’s home, forcibly gaining entry into his apartment where the fatal attack ensued. Prior to the fatal stabbing, the perpetrators reportedly confined other occupants of the house to a single location, effectively isolating Salawadeen before executing their ruthless act.

In the aftermath of the assault, Salawadeen was swiftly rushed to the IBB Specialist Hospital, yet despite efforts to save him, he was pronounced dead upon arrival, marking a grievous loss to his family, friends, and the community at large.

The perpetrators, exhibiting callous disregard for human life, not only robbed Salawadeen of his existence but also callously pilfered valuable possessions, including a laptop and camera belonging to the deceased.

Niger State Police spokesperson, Wasiu Abiodun, confirmed the tragic incident, shedding light on the preliminary investigation launched by law enforcement authorities. He stated, “On 27/2/2024 at about 0850hrs, it was reported at Bosso Division that on the same date at about 0330hrs, one Zacchaeus, 33yrs, of Tudun-Fulani, Minna was attacked in the house by a yet-to-be-identified person(s), who stabbed and robbed him of valuables. He was rushed to the IBB Hospital where he was confirmed dead.”

Abiodun further elaborated on the police response to the scene of the crime, revealing, “The police operatives at Bosso Division visited the scene. Some exhibits were recovered from the scene and preliminary investigation has commenced into the unfortunate incident.”