Plateau Massacre, One of the Most Evil Acts of Inhumanity — Shehu Sani


Former Nigerian senator and renowned human rights activist, Shehu Sani has expressed profound condemnation of the recent Plateau massacre, describing it as “one of the most cruel and evil acts of inhumanity” he has ever witnessed.

Sani conveyed his sentiments through his official X handle, emphasising the need for a collective response to the horrific incident.

In a statement posted online, Sani addressed the disturbing scenes captured in videos depicting the aftermath of the massacre in Plateau.

He questioned whether society should vehemently denounce the atrocity and demand justice without succumbing to the divisive practice of attributing mass murder to religious or ethnic sentiments.

Sani articulated, “I watched the video of the outcome of the Massacre in Plateau State. This is one of the most cruel and evil act of inhumanity I’ve ever seen.

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“Should we condemn it and unequivocally demand for justice or should we continue with the complicit practice of the deodorisation of mass murder using religious or ethnic sentiments?

“The scene of a Baby crying on the back of the corpse of its mother is horror that should haunt the conscience of every responsible citizen of this country.”