More Trouble for Nigerians as Price of Egg Roll Increases by 150%

Egg Roll
Egg Roll

The price of egg roll, a popular snack in Nigeria, has increased by 150% in the past few years, adding to the woes of millions of Nigerians who are already struggling with high inflation, unemployment, and insecurity.

Parallel Facts gathered that the price hike was a reflection of the increase in the cost of the items used to make the snack. 

In Alimosho local government area, a caterer who prefers to remain anonymous stated, “One paint of flour that used to be N2,500 to N2,800 is now over N3,500. One crate of egg is now over N3,000. That is the reason why we have increased the price to N350. Things are expensive now,” the seller said.

A consumer who said he used to buy egg roll at the price of N150 in the past, watched the price increased to N200, later 250, and now 350. He blamed the government for the situation. 

“Our government is bad and things are getting out of hand. The leaders are useless and I am a little happy that we didn’t win the nation’s Cup because this useless government will hijack the glory of the players and the people as if they are doing anything positive in the country. It is just sad that prices of things keep going up, even egg roll, common snack is now too expensive for the common man,” he said.

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Another consumer said the price was now N400 in his area. He said he could not afford to buy the snack anymore. “I have to cut down on my expenses. I can’t buy egg roll like before. It is too much for me. I have to look for cheaper alternatives,” he said.

One student who spoke to Parallel Facts voiced his concerns about the state of the economy. “The truth is, I’m out of words and my mouth nor my brain can’t even process all these. N350 for eggroll? I just bought Pepsi at 400 just now and last week, I bought a small blade for 100.

All these are signs we are not progressing in Nigeria. Look at rice, it increases almost every three days. The truth is, APC led administration from Buhari to this drain fish president we have is killing us. Whatever they think they’re doing isn’t for the average Nigeria. None of all these is favourable to Nigerians down here. You ask why kidnapping keeps increasing? This is one of the reasons. The cost of living is mad ass getting too expensive,” he said.

The increase in the price of egg roll is just one of the many indicators of the economic challenges facing Nigeria since Bola Tinubu took office in May 2023. 

The Tiinubu-led administration has often claimed to have inherited a range of problems from his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari: high unemployment, inflation at the highest level in 20 years, record debt, widespread insecurity and massive oil theft draining national revenue.

However, before coming into office, he promised voters he would deal with these issues, but so far, his policies have been met with mixed reactions and criticism, one of which is the removal of fuel subsidies.

While some analysts and experts have praised Tinubu for taking bold and necessary steps to reform the economy, others have accused him of being insensitive, authoritarian, and clueless. 

Many Nigerians have expressed their dissatisfaction and frustration with the government through protests, strikes, and social media campaigns.

As the country continues to wallow in the mire of economic downturn, and as prices of food items continue to skyrocket, Tinubu faces a tough challenge of delivering on his promises of economic growth and development.#Egg Roll