Protest: Police Warn Against Violence as Labour Gives Fresh Conditions


Ahead of the planned protest, the police authorities have said they would not condone any form of violence during the planned two-day demonstration declared by organised Labour in protest against hardships and the high cost of living in the country.

The police handed down the Riot Act on Sunday as the Nigeria Labour Congress gave fresh conditions ahead of the minimum wage negotiation commencing on Monday (today.)

The police warning is issued in light of the concerning trend highlighted by the African Development Bank (AfDB), which states that there will be social unrest in countries such as Nigeria, Ethiopia, Angola, and Kenya due to the escalating prices of fuel and various other commodities.

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In its macroeconomic performance and outlook report for 2024, the African Development Bank (AfDB) issued the aforementioned warning while forecasting a growth rate surpassing the 3.2 percent recorded in 2023 for the continent’s economy. Its projection came as an advisory, emphasizing the importance of monitoring and addressing socio-economic factors.

It stated, “Internal conflicts and violence could also result from rising prices for fuel and other commodities due to weaker domestic currencies and reforms.

“For instance, the removal of fuel subsidies in Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria and the resulting social costs have led to social unrest driven by opposition to government policy.”