Saudi Arabia Announce Bid to Host 2034 FIFA World Cup

Saudi Arabia has officially announced its bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup. The announcement was made by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation and is part of a broader campaign to transform the kingdom into a global sports powerhouse.

Sources reported that the country had plans to bid for the 2030 edition of the competition. However, it was revealed that the tournament will be held in six different nations, with Spain, Portugal and Morocco hosting some games, while Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay will host the opening matches.

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) president, Yasser Al Misehal, said in a statement on the SAFF website: ‘We think Saudi Arabia is ready to host the FIFA World Cup.

‘Our love for the game and our wish to see it grow in every part of the world motivate our bid. We want to show our football culture and share our country with the world.

‘Our bid reflects Saudi Arabia’s passion for innovation and growth as we aspire to host this prestigious tournament; our bid is inspired by the Kingdom’s transformation journey.

‘We promise to host an exceptional event that celebrates the game, engages players and fans, and inspires future generations.

‘We are grateful for the full support of the Kingdom’s leadership, which enables us to bid for this iconic tournament. We thank them for their ongoing commitment to move the country forward and create new opportunities.’