Senegal’s Youngest President-Elect Faye Officially Declared Winner of Presidential Election

After the completion of vote tallying, Mr. Diomaye Faye has been officially declared the winner of Senegal’s presidential election, securing 54.28% of the votes in the initial round.

While Faye’s win was evident following the release of unofficial partial results, the official confirmation by the vote counting commission, under judicial supervision, solidified his triumph.

According to reports from the country’s vote counting commission, overseen by the judiciary, Faye outpaced his closest rival, former prime minister Amadou Ba, who garnered 35.79% of the votes.

At 44 years old, Faye is poised to become Senegal’s youngest president, advocating for a departure from the current political establishment.

This marks the first instance since Senegal gained independence from France in 1960 that an opposition candidate has clinched victory in the initial round of elections.

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Aliou Mamadou Dia, finishing third among the 19 officially listed candidates, secured a mere 2.8% of the vote, as per figures announced at the Dakar court by the president of the national vote counting commission, Amady Diouf.

Presidential candidates have a 72-hour window following the announcement of results to challenge them before the Constitutional Council.

According to the Constitution, in the absence of any appeals within this timeframe, “the Council shall immediately proclaim the final results of the ballot.”

Yet, if an objection is raised, the Council has five days to adjudicate and could potentially annul the election.